Our Cattery

Spire Ridge Cattery is fully indoors, we provide heating in the winter months and its well ventilated and cool in the summer to ensure our guests are comfortable during their stay with us.

The cats are fed twice a day or as close to their home routine as possible to help them settle in.
We feed Royal Canin dry food or felix wet food or a combination of the two. Special diets can be catered for but will need to be provided.
We are happy to give medications at no extra cost.

We give all the cats a bedtime treat to settle them down at night and fresh water at all times.

Each cat will be given one to one attention throughout the day, which will include stroking, playing with toys and brushing.

All cat pens and surrounding areas are cleaned every day to provide a clean and healthy environment.

Each cat pen will include :-

  • Litter tray - Changed regularly during the day
  • Food & Water bowls
  • Raised bedding box with plastic bed, vet bedding & blankets
  • Toys
  • Scratch Post