Our Kennels

Spire Ridge Boarding Kennels are large purpose built kennels which can comfortably accommodate 3 dogs sharing from the same family, we can also accommodate dogs of all sizes.

Each of the boarding kennels are large with an inside bedroom area, with a large outside gravelled run which the dogs have access to all day. We provide raised metal beds and vet bedding for the dogs, you are welcome to bring a favorite bed or blanket to help them settle in.
The kennels are heated in the winter months and cool in the summer to provide comfort for all our guests.

The dogs are fed twice a day or as close to their home routine as possible to help them settle in, We feed James Wellbeloved dry food, if they require meat we stock Denes which is a high quality food. Special diets can be catered for but will need to be provided.
We are happy to give medications at no extra cost.

We give all the dogs bedtime biscuits to settle them at night and fresh water at all times.

As a small family run kennels we can provide one to one attention to all the dogs throughout the day to keep them stimulated and happy during their stay, this will include stroking, playing with toys and brushing.

All kennels, runs and surrounding areas are cleaned every day to provide a clean healthy environment.